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Friday, July 3, 2009

I Miss Thy

*pictures heavy*

hellooooooow everyone!

how's your day so far?

today, i'm not gonna post anything make-up related. but i do hope you enjoy my posting :)

i know that i always whined about living in Germany. living in the middle of nowhere and i mean MIDDLE of nowhere. the city is Neubruecke, located in Rhineland-Palatinate (in German: Rheinland-Pfalznear Luxembourg. there is nothing in the city as far as i know. only 1 small train station, i bus station, 1 campus *which is my campus*, several nice houses, 1 military field, 1 bar with skittles' place (it's similar to bowling), 1 supermarket, 1 biogas plant, 1 cinema in a far away place that can be reached most likely with cars (in German only) and i think that's all.

no starbucks. no mall. no make-up stores. no entertainment! i was going crazy. and to be honest i wasn't really close to my classmates back in Japan.

but then, we got closer and closer in Germany. we talked to each other more than when we were in Japan. we spent times together. traveled around together. got crazier from the assignments together. in short words, we did almost all things together.

and when we became closer and i started to enjoy the country, BAM! it was finished. i was thrilled to go home and now, i just realized how i miss the place so much. how i miss my friends a lot. yesterday, my friend, Anne, who will study to Germany too asked me several questions. we take the same field but different batch. and when i answered and explained things to her about Germany, i got really really sad.


the food everytime we got together. A LOT OF FOOD. from different parts of the world. from Germany to Japan. from Sri Lanka to Ghana. and the food finished too fast! LOL yeap we're a bunch of big eaters

he's Philipp from Germany. he ALWAYS amazed me with his presentation in class. he used his keynote in macbook and succeeded making me drool all over the table *ew. that doesn't sound right* and the way he talks is very very soothing. he was my enabler of buying mac! and of course, he always helped us, international students, if we needed help. do you see the thing that i held? it was a gift from my university. it was a letter opener hahahaaa. very cute gift.

she's Nina from Germany as well. she's incredibly nice and sweet! she gave me a cute bracelet when i was going back home for good. during our time in Japan, she was our class leader. the one who organized everything. and when moving to Germany, she gladly gave her spacious room to me as i didn't want to have a roommate. it was bloody expensive tho but I LOVEEEEED MY ROOOOOM!

he's Johnson from China, and Kyi from Myanmar. no, i wasn't going to kill her don't worry. i love her dearly! and Johnson is one of the smartass ppl in class. he has this gorgeous SLR camera and he always told me to buy one O.O hahahaaa.

she's Pan Ji from China. and see? i think i look more like Chinese than her. i barely have eyes when smiling -___-" lol. she's so diligent and smart. gosh, i'm starting to get bored typing smart coz all of my classmates are smart, except ME! *w00t w00t* seriously, she IS smart. and debate? she's the winner!

my dear Ami from Korea! one of my besties in class. my partner in crime. my ttok-bok-gi cooker! lol she's fashionably beautiful esp. when she dressed like Blair from GG. she's a GREAT cook and the member of "Indonesian Mafia" LOL! PARTNER IN CRIME. end of statement.

he's Benson from Ghana. he's so cheerful and happy lol. he likes to dance and party and i think he always attends every party. and that makes him popular. he's really nice, too! he'd gladly help someone when they need him.

he's Angel from Ecuador. he really likes to talk and really funny, too. he ALWAYS finishes assignments FAST. and i mean FAAAAST! such a GOOOOD student he is. and has LOTSA experiences. experts in IT. simple word, WOW!

he's Takashi from Japan. back in Japan, he had 2 part-time job which made him often fall asleep in classes. but when we were in Germany, he was pretty active in class, unlike me lol. he's really really really NICE! one time he sacrificed his morning sleep to help my friend and i with our laundry since the washing machine acted on us! ugh!

my dearest neighbor, Ozoda from Uzbekistan. she's incredibly beautiful and nice :) you will never hear her saying bad words. such a positive person that brings happiness to her surroundings. she's truly a sweetie! she often gave me food esp. when i was sick after paris trip.

she's Shalu from China. she's too cute for words! and smart! oh my. i'm surrounded by smart people oopps! we went traveling together to paris and i had a blast! and boooy! she has lotsa energy. when i was too tired to continue the trip in Louvre, she just continued walking and walking around the museum. gaaaah! so i just sat down in the lobby lol

the married couple from Sri Lanka, Kuma and Sajee. i have no word for them. they're beyond nice! Kuma is actually my classmate and Sajee, being the sweetest wife, just went with him. she barely speaks English but we always communicated well. that's the power of friendship, people :)

he's my dear Simon from China. he was Steven's roommate back in Germany. well sometimes he admitted that he was in the "Indonesian Mafia" -_______-" LOL when you need a movie, this is the guy you go to hahahaaaa. well i remember one time he was so mad at me coz i showed him "Hostel" trailer on youtube and he swore he was not going to be my friend anymore looool. well we are still friends until now tho even we only chat through msn.

he's Steven from Indonesia. i call him Tephen. partner in crime for the last 6 years! a best friend you can rely on to. well the funny thing is when this pic was taken, we were kinda in a fight, we didn't speak with each other for days. and for silly reason! i know, we are silly! lol he would laugh at you when you are tripped but he DEFINITELY will help you when you need him.

"A friend will come bail you out of jail but, your best friend will be sitting next to you saying… “Wow that was fun!”

he's Edgar from Mexico. funny as hell! i could laugh for hours listening to him talking. well at first i was kinda afraid of him coz he barely smiled and talked but when i got the chance to talk with him more, i just found out that he's incredibly funny and SMART! and see? he has the sweetest smile :P

she's Ilona from Lithuania. FREAKING SMART! she's younger than me but she's much more experienced than moi. now she's doing internship in Mexico and having the best time of her life. sometimes we still chat through MSN and i tell you, it's really nice to have long-distance friends but still talk to them constantly in any way =)

she's Katja from Germany. she's not our classmate tho, she was one batch older than mine and working for the campus. she always helped us with everything academic and non-academic related matters, mostly for academic matters. she's extremely busy yet she always makes time to help us.

he's Cho from Korea. i really liked teasing him by calling him Oppa and saying bad words like *eeeek! i dunno how to spell the word!* i think it's "jook-eul-lae" that means "do you wanna die?" LOL and he ALWAYS answered "a-ni" that means "no" -_______-"

I MISS THEM SOOO BAD! I MISS GERMANY LIKE CRAZY! well i'm coming back there to have my defense for thesis end of this year of early next year, not for long tho but i hope it will pay my missing-ness *LOL* of this place :)

have a great day, guys!

9 lovess:

Nanzy said...

WTH?? Where's Raphael?????????


my_makeup_mania said...

OMG! You looks happy!!! Very gorgeous pix!!!

Jamilla Camel said...

What great memories! Such a global group...looks like my workplace!

Dimpul said...

Rafanya manaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Ai said...

Nanzy: he's somewhere out there lol

Anastacia: thank you! yees i was really really happy!

Jamilla: those are indeed great memories :) it's nice to have an international atmosphere around us, right?

Dinie: pegiiiii jauuuuhhhh ntah kemanaa hahahaha

Vanessa M. said...

awe you look so cute! great memories!

Dana Yoshimizu said...

Hey hun, thanks for following my blog <3

Ai said...

Van: thank you! yes indeed great memories :)

Dana: my pleasure, Dana! i love reading your blog :D

Glamorous Beauty said...

Love all the pictures and stories. Looks like you had lots of fun and many great memories.

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