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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

..... swine flu?

heey guys! how are you today?

sorry for lacking in updating the blog hohoho.

just a quick update tho. my camera's dead and i forgot where i put the charger so yeah, no photos for now *stupid me* :(

as you all know that H1N1 virus or swine flu has already spread around the world, maybe it's best for us to at least know how to prevent the virus!

so, the day after tomorrow i'm going to singapore with my friend and singapore is one of the countries with lotsa ppl infected by swine flu so i MUST take a GOOD care of myself. *fingers crossed*

i've read several websites concerning swine flu including swine flu website in singapore and read some other articles on how to avoid the deadly disease. please read on! (articles taken from here)


1. Stay Home
If you are sick or have any flu-like symptoms, stay home. Do not go to school or work. Swine flu symptoms may mimic those of regular flu and cold symptoms.

2. Contain Your Cough
Cough or sneeze into the crook (inside elbow) of your arm. This way you do not transfer the germs to your hands and then to every object you touch. Swine flu is very contagious, and can spread easily by touching an infected object and then touching your face. A flu mask will help you avoid infection in enclosed spaces.

3. Wash Hands Frequently
Wash hands constantly to avoid swine flu. Anything you touch may be affected, so keeping hands clean will help you avoid infection.

4. Hand Sanitizer
Carry hand sanitizer with you. If you have things others have touched, use your hand sanitizer to avoid swine flu infection. In addition, avoid shaking hands or other hand to hand contact whenever possible. Also avoid kissing on the cheek or other face to face contact as a greeting method.

5. Public Facilities
Touch public handles and pens as little as possible. These are loaded with germs that may carry the swine flu virus.

6. Air Travel
When you fly, be most diligent about following these guidelines. Transferring any flu, including swine flu, is most likely in close quarters like an airplane.

7. Clean Your Produce
The life span of a virus is different for each and can vary from as much as 48 hours to 100 years depending on the hardiness of the virus. Although there have been no known cases of swine flu transmission through fruit and vegetable consumption, there does seem to be some concern about the possibility. The best bet is to buy locally grown fruits and vegetables if possible. Make sure you wash your fruits and vegetables with water, and soak for greater effectiveness. Washes and using chlorinated rinses have not been proven to work. So far there have been no cases of swine flu transmission through fruits and vegetable sources.

8. Avoid Crowds
Stay out of crowds as much as possible. Close proximity to other people will heighten your chances of to get swine flu. Wear a surgical mask in areas of high traffic concentration. Try to stay at least 3-6 feet away from people.

9. Eating and Drinking
Do not eat or drink after others without complete sanitization of containers or utensils. Swine flu can be transmitted by contact with infected eating utensils.

10. Vaccinations
Vaccinations are not effective against the H1N1 virus. If you contract the virus get to the doctor within 36 hours and ask for Tamiflu or Relenza. These antiviral medicines will halt the progression of H1N1 or Swine flu virus.

11. Visit Your Doctor
Get to a doctor immediately if you develop symptoms of swine flu including high fever and body aches. Swine flu can be deadly, and it is imperative to get to a physician immediately if you think you have swine flu symptoms and think you might have contracted the swine flu virus. Both Tamiflu and Relenza are antiviral medicines that are currently effective against some strains of Swine Flu. These medicines should be taken within 36 hours of flu infection for maximum effectiveness.

i hope this entry will help you :) just be careful as we never know what will happen next. i'll update soon :)

so be happy and stay healthy, guys!

4 lovess:

Fifi said...

have fun and don't worry too much about the swine flu. take a proper care of yourself, kay. i hope you got your camera fixed soon. =)

Dimpul said...

nais inpo gan...

Yet said...

thanks for the tips. I really don't want any kind of flu

melur said...

thank you for the advices, sweetie... i'm sure it will mean a lot for many people

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