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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Reviews: MAC Brush Cleanser + Tag

hey guys!

how's your day going so far? hope it's fun and you stay healthy :)

so finally i had the chance to try MAC Brush Cleanser to, of course, clean my brushes lol

when i first touched the bottle, i didn't like the feeling on my skin. it was really sticky like the liquid leaked all over the bottle >_<

so in this post, i'm gonna review the performance of this cleanser on my concealer brush.

let's start :)

EW brush! really dirty and just.... ew! it's sticky from the concealer need to be cleaned that up STRAIGHT AWAY!

put enough amount of the liquid on a small container. don't
 need to use a lot, just enough amount to soak the bristles (actually this step is effective for small brushes only)

soak the brush to the container filled with the cleanser. just enough to make the brush damp. remember, don't use a lot as you may waste a lot of product and we don't wanna do that, right?

then gently sweeping back and forth the brush on to a paper towel. do it really gently. don't wanna ruin the lovely brush. do this over and over until you see no more residues in the paper towel.

ta~da~! clean brush! <3

don't forget to lay the brush flat to dry to avoid the handle of being rotten and damaged. now you have a clean brush and ready to use!

price: 2 lovess
performance: 4 lovess
packaging: 4 lovess
overall: 4 lovess

it does its wonder job of cleaning brushes! nuff said :)

- too pricey esp. in my hometown :(
- as you can see from the pic below, it gets messy if you're not careful when put it in the container

if you notice carefully, you can see the liquid in the cap and it's sticky!

will i repurchase?

maybe. but first i wanna try my own homemade brush cleanser first :) we'll see how it'll go :D

next, i was tagged by the lovely Catanya :)

The rules:

Tell your readers 10 things about you that they may or may not know, but are true. Tag ten people with the award, and be sure to let them know they've been tagged (a quick comment on their blog will do). Don't forget to link back to the blogger who tagged you.

1. i'm afraid of flying! studying abroad never healed me from this fear of flying. everytime i had to go back home or go back to Japan and Germany, i was REALLY anxious. when i started to feel at ease and could actually sleep from the long journey, i could just wake up and couldn't go back to sleep when there was a turbulence, even the small one. i hate this feeling!

2. i've always been obsessed with apple products lol. from the ipod, macbook and the iphone! good thing that i don't have this certain feeling of buying each and every product of apple even tho i'm dying to! *w00t w00t*

3. i've never had a boyfriend in my entire life. yes, you heard me right. well i was close to several people but never reached that relationship of becoming boyfriend and girlfriend. and now i'm getting scared. what if there is no one ever wants to be my husband? lol i'm paranoid -________-"

4. currently, i'm obsessed with DBSK and Kim Bum from Korea. i was joking with my cousins and we both agree that if we have to close our eyes and choose one of the members of DBSK, we wouldn't have hard time to choose cos we simply love them all LOL. *drools*

5. i was not really into fashion and make up until last year. i really didn't care of what to wear and all that stuffs. and when i was in high school, my mom had to force me to put on lipstick when i went to any party. it was all yuck yuck yuck. karma does exist LOL

6. i love movies! esp ones that can make me go "aaahh" "aaawww" "WHOOAA" "EEEKK" like transformers, harry potter, 17 again, he's just not that into you. and i love watching movies like hostel, saw, texas chainsaw massacre with my movies-team. it's just better :)

7. i have been known for the most unfriendly person for first impression. ppl always thought that i am not a nice person -_______-" i guess it's all in my face haha! c'mon ppl, i'm nice! LOL

8. you can see my feeling from my face. you'll know when i'm happy, when i'm sad, when i'm in a total bad mood, when i'm angry, when i'm nervous. yes! it's written all over my face. i can't hide my feeling. so when i'm angry with you, you'll know that instantly.

9. it is my second time wearing braces. it wore it when i was in junior high and somehow my teeth got bad again -________-" today i went to my orthodontist and now it hurts like hell huhu

10. i'm having hard time to tell you more stories LOL

now i'm tagging anyone who wants to do this

have fun telling stories and i hope you had fun reading mine :)

have a lovely day, guys!

13 lovess:

Nanzy said...

I'm sure you'll find the ONE pretty soon i, diramal nikah umur 25 jyanai no? hehehehehe thanks for the review, I clean my brush using shampoo lol I'm a cheapo....

~tHiAmErE~ said...

i have never used any brush cleanser before because i always thought that it's just a waste of money to buy this expensive cleanser if a normal baby shampoo can also do the job..

but knowing that you can use it without water is a good way to clean it especially if you don't have the time to do deep cleansing...

thanks for the review!

Askmewhats said...

I have never tried MAC brush cleanser but looks like it's really good!!!! :D Ai, dearest, thank you so much for the sweet messages :D

Catanya said...

Thanks for doing the tag! it is great to know you!

Jamilla Camel said...

I love MAC brush cleaner...I need more!

I hate turbulence too, but I have to fly constantly in my job--so I just take a nap!

saintangelius said...

Oh! I bought the brush cleaner recently and I like it better than just shampoo-ing my brushes. I use it differently tho.
First I wet my brushes in regular water, pour the brush cleaner in a small bowl (big face brushes and kabukis) or into my palm (eyeshadow brushes) and swirl it around until you see bubbles. it works like regular soap but not as strong as detergent. When you don't see much colour coming out anymore, rinse in water until all the soap is gone. Get some nice kitchen paper towels and give the brushes a light squeeze (like your hair after a shower) and shape the hairs back into place as you do that. Then dry it flat or angled downwards ( I use an uneven plate or a bowl). Hope this helps.

Toothfairynotes said...

Hmmm I use bobbi brown's brush cleaner, that one is really good too...

hey my bf is from bandung! I might visit Indo this year, or otherwise next year! yay!


Ai said...

Nanzy: AMIIIN BIII 25 tauun HAHAHA. i use baby shampoo as well for deep cleaning. it's just for regular cleaning tho hohoho

Thia: yes Thia, it's not for deep cleaning. just for regular cleaning after several uses of the brushes :) of course for deep cleansing, i'd prefer baby shampoo. much more cheaper LOL

Nikki: it's good indeed! i love it! aaww thanx to you too, sweetie :)

Ai said...

Catanya: you're welcome. had so much fun to do it :D

JC: me too! but i'm gonna try to make my own brush cleanser later :)

Saintangelius: thnx for the advices :) but i heard that swirling your brushes is not good, i'm not sure tho but thank you so much :)

Toothfairynotes: waaa Bobbi Brown is not available locally :( and it's more pricey isn't it? i'm gonna check 1 when i see it, thnx dear! :)

melur said...

hahaha honest scraps! interesting... me gonna tag myself... LOL

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

i really miss using MAC brush cleaner :(

Ai said...

Melur: do it do it do it LOL

Nic: aaww, why don't you use it again? any particular reason?

Glamorous Beauty said...

I also wear my feelings on my face. You can always tell the type of mood I'm in or what I'm thinking by my facial expressions. But, fortunately for me I'm happy most of the time. So, I usually have a smile on my face. And I'm usually not even aware of the faces I'm making.

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