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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Reviews: Bobbi Brown Lip Balm SPF 15.

helllooooooowww guuuuyyys!

so how is your day today?

don't forget to be happy and stay healthy :)

today, Indonesian ppl vote for the next Indonesian President and Vice President and i did! yaaaay! i voted and i don't hope that my choice will win. i HOPE and i mean i really do HOPE the BEST will win. the leaders who will lead to a much better Indonesia. :)

the proof that i voted! my dad said it might be last a month so that we can't vote anywhere else again. gaaaaaaaah!

today, i'm gonna review Bobbi Brown Lip Balm SPF 15 that i bought couple months ago in Singapore *as far as i know, we don't have this brand in Indonesia*

Bobbi Brown says,

Specially formulated with Wheat Germ and Olive Oil, this comfortable, non-greasy lip balm immediately goes to work comforting and protecting lips. Wear alone for natural look, with Lip Liner or Lip Gloss. Bobbi Brown Lip Balm SPF 15 comes in a sleek and portable polished silver tin.

it costs around SGD32 if i'm not mistaken

the lip balm. i love the scent and the color. both are very soothing :) actually the color is kinda soft pink, guess the camera setting washed out the real color.

swatch on my finger. it looks greasy tho.

now let's see the how it goes on the lips :)

before using the lip balm. my lips are very dry and chapped at places sometimes it gets very annoying :(

after using the lip balm. i love how it does its job perfectly and makes my lips not chapped anymore. to be honest, i guess this is my HG lip balm as it lasts long, i don't need to re-apply over and over again over my lips. at first, it might be hard to apply because of the hard texture, but once you apply on your lips, voila! it's heaven!

with NYX Round Lipstick Frappucino. i love how it softens the color of the lipstick, any colors!

price: 2 lovess
performance: 5 lovess
packaging: 3 lovess
overall: 4 lovess

- i love how it makes my lips not dry anymore and it actually lasts long, as i mentioned before, you don't need to re-apply over and over again a day.
- even tho you re-apply it over and over and over again everyday, it won't finish fast since it has lotsa amount of the product. it can last months i think.
- the scent is nice.

- what else? the price of course lol
- it's sticky so you have to push hard to get the product and apply to your lips and you might have to apply several times if you have very dry lips
- the packaging is not so nice as you might get germs lol just make sure to close the lid as soon as you finish using it.

will i repurchase?

not in the near future because i still have lotsa product left. i think i need a loooooong time to actually finish it :D

overall, even the price is not so friendly but i think it's worth every penny :) I LOVE IT!

now, onto random stuffs. couple days ago i came across Epic Fail website and saw lotsa things that made me burst into laugh


tastes like grandma? ...... can you even imagine the taste? LOL

this one really made me LOOOOOOL. maybe he/she wasn't thinking straight but it really made my day

my fav. in particular. see? even microsoft's conference used macbook! haha~

hope you enjoy reading my post :)

have a great day, everyone!

6 lovess:

Askmewhats said...

Ai I can't help but look at your braces, too cute!!!! :D
The lip balm is wonderful as well :D Hmm..so many lip balms out there to try

Glamorous Beauty said...

I hope the people you want to win, win. It's great that you voted, every vote counts. The dye is such a pretty shade of purple (couldn't help myself, had to comment about the purple, I just love the color purple). And thanks for the laughs, I just can't imagine what grandma would even taste like. And the Mac notebook at the Microsoft conference speaks volumes about Microsoft's products.

Catanya said...

Thanks for the review!

my_makeup_mania said...

Seems like moisturizing so well! Looks good!

Ai said...

Nikki: LOL i just changed the color into pink! oh yea? what other lip balms? tell meeeeeeee :D

Glamorous Beauty: i just hope the best wins :) hahaa yeees it's purple but i guess i'm gonna have hard time to remove it >_<

Catanya: you're welcome, sweetie :)

Anastacia: it does moisturize your lips well! :D

Dira Nrv. said...

Ha, the microsoft one is funny..

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