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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Trier: The Oldest City

yesterday i went to the oldest city in Germany and one of the cities of Roman Empires, Trier with my friends and it took about 1 and a half hour from my place by bus. the journey was pretty boring and frustrating. it was a long and winding road indeed LOL. as soon as we arrived, we went straight to our destination: the Porta Nigra and the old city inside. and at last, i felt like in Germany LAWL

Porta Nigra (which means Black Gate) seen from across the street. it's the gate to the city of Trier. now, let's look inside the city.

oh wait. that's not the city. it's me -__-" ah well. gotta take lotsa pics, rite? RITE? LOL. okay, seriously, let's look around.

i think blogspot loves me much, eh? LOL that's me and my friend who, fortunately, is studying in a pretty big city in Germany, Gießen, only takes 40 minutes to Frankfurt. lucky her.

this is the place right after you go inside through the Porta Nigra. with the view of old buildings, there are lots of modern shops, you can find Douglas, Benetton, Pizza Hut, Subway, H&M, and others. wanted to buy benefit but i saved my money for EUROTRIP! woo-hoo! much more worthy than make-up, right? pls tell me i'm right. coz i've bought sooo much the other day.

this place is marktplatz if i'm not mistaken. i assume it means market place in english. i assume LOL. you can see ppl selling stuffs, flowers and walnuts. i love the walnuts but it was pretty expensive tho :(

on the way to Dom St. Peter (Trier Cathedral) we saw these guys and i must take a picture! i was really happy taking picture with them, you can see from my face lol

i forgot to take picture of the front side of the Cathedral -_____-" but it was under renovation so it wouldn't make it pretty tho

these are the inside view of the Cathedral. it was really pretty but at the same time it was kinda creepy. my friend, sari, and i were walking around inside the Cathedral while waiting for Steven to pray.

outside the Cathedral there was this cute train-car. i wanted to ride it but thought walking would be much better, for the sake of diet hahaha

then we went to Konstantin Platz. that's the map of the Konstantin Platz from the Roman time until today. pretty big differences since now they have more shapes compared to the Roman time.

if you see the below stone carefully you can see the carving "LIEBE" which means LOVE and my nickname means LOVE in japanese LOL okay me being unimportant.

i like the view of this garden. you can see the Palace of Trier form here. sooo green and relaxing and besides this garden, you can see big baths for the royals in Roman Empires. now, let's take a look.

ta-da! i would have been lost and tired everytime i wanted to take a bath if my bathroom was THIS big! and i know i would sweat so bad after bath lol. i went through the "tunnel" to get to the main baths. i'm sure it was really magnificent back then. i would to see tho.

this is the close-up look of the Roman baths. those little doors are the doors to the royal baths. and i have no idea why the entire baths are THAT big. but still i'm amazed.

and that was the end of our tour that day coz we were getting tired of walking so we decided to go home and rest. actually there was Karl Marx house but we couldn't find it so maybe we will try next time. and i'm waiting for my next trip in Germany. next week i'm planning to go to Frankfurt and Gießen. so see ya on the next trip :)

have a great weekend all!

12 lovess:

Nanzy said...

ahhhhhhhh I'm so jealous...I wanna go Eurotrip too :(

btw Dedo's sister looks like a woman version of Dedo LOL and in your 5th pic, I spotted two hot guys walkin bahahaha OMG those baths, more like 'pool' to me, suddenly "making a trip to my bathroom" sounds more realistic back then

lawl great shots, nyet!

Askmewhats said...

thanks for showing some photos, I honestly couldn't imagine how it looks like there! :) So now I can :) looks like you're having fun! take care and be safe!

CITRA cups* said...

cieeeeeh kai! at last..hahaaaa..omedetou! or shud i say, felicitation? haha aku gtaw bhs german na! :P

Ai said...

Nanzy: let's goo Eurotrip! for the sake of good 'ol time! ah well, maybe my tiny bathroom isn't bad at all, eh? LOL

Nikki: you're really welcome :) at last i have time to go to big city. i'm trying to have my fun, that's the least that i can do for the next 5 months :)

Citra: iyaaaa dooong akhirnya pake legging! hahaha soalnya jeans nya aga2 ga muat LOL huhuhuhu mampus deh gw!

melur said...

you're one lucky naughty girl..... hihihihihi ;))

kapan yaa aku ada rejeki main2 ke sana... nginep tempatmu ya iiii? *maunya gratisan*

..febyriz.. said...

Ai... udah lancar dong bahasa german nya? Mau dong jalan-jalan kesana...:)

Ai said...

Meyuy: hihihi yakin mau nginep tmp gw yuuuy? middle of nowhere looh.. ayo2 sini maen.. kita eurotriip!

Feby: amiiiin deh lancar bhs jermannya.. boro2 deeey sulit beneeer.. mariiiii jalan2 ksiniiii.. tp di kota gedenya yaaa jgn di desa gw hahaha

Vanessa M. said...

it looks cold!!!! brrr wanna snuggle? hehe aww i miss you too babes!! you need to update more often! wel lno not really cuz you need to be studying! hope you pass your dutch test!!!

Mrs.Zeus said...

WOW! the city looks amazing, I wish to go there some time.

Yes, I wanna be a hen as well.
You're still young and Im sure you are living the best of your life!

Ai said...

vanessa: it was not that cold tho so i was pretty happy :D yeah, i'll try to update more often even it's gonna be full of whining and hate LOL

Mrs. Zeus: it is amazing, too bad it's far from my place :( aaww thank you! i will live my life to the max :)

jeSmakeup said...

EUROPE? OMG SOOO LUCKY! that place looks really beautiful! ima go there one day for sure!

Dimpul said...

jadi kangen ngeblog mbak...hmmm..kalo gw udah steady deh..mau gw make over blog gw.

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