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Friday, October 31, 2008

Tagged: 365 days ago


What were you doing in the picture?

The 4 of us, my lovely bestfriends, were on the boat from Beppu to Osaka, having so much fun with nothing to do but taking pics and laughing and exchanging presents. The journey took about 12 hours but we enjoyed it so much. TOKYO TRIP, BEYBEH! I was so young back then LOL and never used ANY make-up, even sunblock!

Anything you missed from last year?

Everything. I miss EVERYTHING about Japan, Beppu, especially the bestfriends I've made in Japan :( They're SUPERB, simply irreplaceable.

Do you think you've changed over a year?

A lot. I gained weight -____-" which is really bad considering I'm not the picture perfect type of girl LOL. I've started to wear make-ups and nice bath&body products (thanks to my super bestfriend, Nanzy) and I know somehow I've changed personally, a lot especially after I entered graduate school.

If God asked you if you wanted to go back to where you were last year, what would you say?

I won't lie, I'd love to go back, I'm dying to go back but I know it won't change anything that made me today. But I wanna go back to 2 years ago tho. Ah great memories :)


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5 lovess:

Nanzy said...

I'm your super best friend! YAY !!!
Where's my cape??? hahahaahahahahahaha

I miss good ol' times too, nyet...arghhhh Matsumoto #502 Begundalz, Jagaricos.....

Vanessa M. said...

you are so cute!!! i wanna pt you in my pocket!

Ai said...

Nanzy: of crozz you are!! i know my life will be totally dull without you LOL AH! JAGARICOS! yeah, we miss Beppu, rite?

Vannesa: LOL i know i'll be TOO big to be put in your pocket hahaha

Dedo Nariswari said...

tokyoo tripp lagi yuuuk?

melur said...

aiii thanks for sharing the great idea! hehehe
makes me appreciate my past even more ;)))

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