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Saturday, October 11, 2008

new life here = still sux

it's only been almost 3 weeks now since i arrived in Germany. fun? not really. sux? BIG TIME! i can list all the things that keep me wanting to go back but it'll be like endless posting -__________-"

1. limited connection of internet. means i can't watch youtube, i can't download, i can't upload photos, no webcam for me and limited phone calls from skype. how great is that??

2. i had to pay the whole month rent even i stayed there for 6 freaking days only! WTF?!

3. i've had enough of pasta and kebab. i want indonesian food!

4. this is the freakiest school building i've ever seen. you can see clearly the corridor of a hospital. yeah fyi, my school was once a hospital for military. and sshhh it's really creepy in here.

5. there are only some ppl who want to speak English and i can barely speak Germany. uh oh i MUST learn it quickly. as quickly as possible.

6. the washing machine is the worst. can't say no more.

7. have to sit my ass off in the train for app. 2 hours to get to big city. pain in the ass literally.

and etc. etc.

i'm waiting for next month when i can get the unlimited access of internet in the campus! oohh sooo crossing my fingers!! i miss blogging here :(

18 lovess:

Askmewhats said...

awww I hope you feel ok! It'll go, after a couple of weeks or month, you'll be ok :)

melur said...

ai pulang aja yukkkk, kita kan kangennn hihihih :D

Anonymous said...

kesian amat sih ngaiii... pulang aja apa? hehehe...

semangat!!! hohoho

Nanzy said...

kamu bisa!!! I hate your quota too but, YOU CAN DO IT !!!

*waving pom pom*

tiap ari chattingan aja biar ga bosan...ato liatin foto gua lah buat hiburan hahahaha

but stay away from that korean!!!

Ai said...

Nikki: thnx Nikki. i do really hope i'll be ok. :)

Melur: ayooo ayoooo gw jg mau bgt pulang yuy!

Windy: haha ho oh ngenes.. harus cii harus semngat!

Nanzy: since when r u becoming cheerleader? lol iyah, lo adalah hiburan gw bi.. OH I WILL STAY AWAY for sure! makasih yah.. serius makasih..

have a great weekend, girls! :)

Dominica said...

poor girl - and there are so many other lovely places to go to school !!
I can really see that corridor right in front of me...Hellraiser now seems like a walk in the park ...

Vanessa M. said...

aww babe!! im sorry :( hopefully things get better soon! we all miss ya! any cool german goodies? very intrested ;)

Ai said...

Dominica: aww wish i could go to other lovely schools :( ah well at least i can go to other lovely places tho :)

Vanessa: you're such a sweetheart! miss ya, too dear! well as far as i can see, there are l'oreal, manhattan, essence and some brands i don't even know LOL but i'll try to find cuties for you :)

Dedo Nariswari said...

ke beppu aja mau ga? ayooooo ke beppu.....

Ai said...

maunya juga gitu doooooo.. huhuhuhuhu

Anonymous said...

hang in there!
we can do it dear!
which korean r u talking abt?

Ai said...

we can do it! we've hung on for 1 year.. oh i'll u off screen :(

Fakhrur said...

wow.. Neubrucke ya, jauh dari mana2 tuh :p peradaban paling deket kemana? saarbrucken atau frankfurt? atau sekalian nyebrang ke perancis? hehe emang ga ada anak indo lain di situ?

gue bisa ngebayangin betapa bosannya jerman tanpa orang (dan makanan) indonesia :p

Ai said...

abeeeeeeeeeeeees! udah berasa dipingit deee :( paling deket saarbrucken.. itu jg sejam dr sini.. ada siy anak indo 2 org lagi.. yaaa itu lah 3 anak tersesat di hutan neubruecke LOL

huhuhu iyaaa kan kl ga ada makanan indo itu sangat sangat merana..

Fakhrur said...

bisa masak ga? pake bumbu instan aja udah mayan 'ngeganjel' kok..

pas ke frankfurt jgn lupa stok "goreng sambal", "ketjap manies", cabe keriting, bawang merah, INDOMIE (!!!), sambel ABC, trus.. duh apa lg ya.. lupa..

apapun masakannya kalo diakalin pake benda2 di atas, insyaAllah ada cita rasa indonya hehe

melur said...

sop sop kalduu ayammmm
siap2 susu, daging asap, pasta aja juga udah lumayaaaaan..hihihihi..
bersyukurlah i, ga banyak lho yg bisa seberuntungkamu kul ke sana..
ayo dijalani dengan senang hati yaaaa!
(ya pengennya sih kmu cepat2 pulang jugaa..kita kan belum nyushii)
(eh di sana ada sushi ga iiii? huhu)

Dimpul said...

dont give up mbak..for the greater good and for the bright future...aku akan menunggumu disini (ya iyalah,emang mau kemana lagi).


melur said...

aiii is it really that sux i can't see anymore of ur updates? huhu we miss uuuu aiii

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