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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

saarbrucken: hauls!

saarbrucken is a city 40 mins from my place where i usually buy food stock for a week or so, they have this pretty big department store with a small but somehow complete supermarket inside. so i was planning to buy food the other day with my friends and they just asked to go around first.

and the intention of food shopping just went BLAH and i bought many other things instead. we passed the department store, and i saw this little shop of "perfumerie douglas" and i just couldn't resist, i went inside and saw the discount on the perfume i'd been wanting, gucci rush.

and this perfume now goes everywhere i go. hohoho. i really like the scent of gucci rush and gucci rush 2. they're my favorites so far.

then, we went straight again and saw this bigger "douglas" shop. shoot! i just knew that i HAD TO go in. so there we went. i skipped the perfume segment and went to second floor. there was MAC. and yes, i'd been lemming to own one of MAC lipsticks, i don't know why but i just wanted to. *actually, i wanted the duo fibre brush but it costs about 49 euro o.O and i can't afford to pay that much of money for a brush* so i got this pinkish lipstick instead, amplified creme lipstick in chatterbox.

my officially first MAC lipstick! LOL! love it love it love it! i'll do the swatch later :)

we went straight again and i saw zara. not a good sign. well a good sign tho coz finally i saw well-known shop since i arrived in germany. hehehe and yes, we went in. i needed new shoes coz the ones that i wore everyday started to scream at me and ppl kept staring everytime -________-" okay, chill out ppl, they're just shoes not snake!

at last! i got new shoes! the decent ones! and ppl had stopped staring at my shoes LOL. maybe i'll post my used-to-be-shoes on my next post. i intend to throw them, but i still need them once in a while, when i want some attention from others LOL.

then i remembered that i needed a new planner for 2009 so we went back to the department store and i got this cute planner. it wasn't so cheap but i just fell in love when i saw it and it was the only one left in the store.

hello deer-y flowers! we'll be needing each other from this december. yoroshiku onegaishimasu! and then i finally went broke in an instant. i delayed the food shopping since i spent the money o.O and we had to catch the second last train since it went straight to our station. ah well! at least i got my guilty pleasure things and i SHOULD stop shopping >_<

ps: i just broke 2 of my nails becoz of artificial nails. damnit! :(

13 lovess:

Vanessa M. said...

i love gucci rush!!! my fave :)
cute shoes!!! and i wanna see that lippie on ya;)
oh!!! and dont forget to put i love vanessa all over that planner!

Askmewhats said...

awww great haul! I love the color you picked out for the MAC lipstick! :)

I don't like artificial nails and hats off to you for being able to use it, I'm sorry about you breaking 2 of your nails ;(

Irma Fauzia said...

waahh parfume kita sama =)
Ken, mau atuh MACnya...hahaha ;p

Ai said...

Vanessa: i will put "I LOVE VANESSA" on my cute planner LOL

Nikki: thank you :) yea, i will think twice if i want to wear other artificial nails :(

Irma: oh iyaaa? kamu pake gucci rush ato gucci rush 2? hehehe gw jg mau lagi ma MACnyaaa.. kapan ya mampu beli lagi? hahaha

Kimberly Tia said...

ooOO I have Gucci Rush too -- cept sadly I don't use it very often -- I'm in love with my Dolce & Gabbana : Light Blue.

and that planner is soooo pretty!!!!

delfin59 said...

aiiii, itu macnya yg mana?

akhirnya my cherry culture package is here! :D

Irma Fauzia said...

yang Gucci rush sayang...yg kaya di photo kamuh ituh. Gucci rush 2 jg suka tapi gak punya...
Ken, online ym donk...gw jrg msn nih..

Ai said...

Kimberly Tia: oh Light Blue is really nice but i'm in love with my Gucci lol

Muna: yg amplified creme lipstick muun.. gw jg ga ngerti maklum baru pertama beli hahaha

Irma: ooohhhh yg Gucci Rush tanpa embel2 2 hehehe.. iyah ntr abis kelas gw online di YM deh.. emg lo sering ol jg ma? kyknya tiap gw ol YM lo ga pernah ada deh..

Anonymous said...

gue juga lg pengen beli gucci rush i tp yg 2 hahaha... tapi mahal iii gimana donkk??!! huhuhu

Ai said...

hahaha yg 2 enak bangeeet.. gw demen abiiis! emang brp??

Tammy said...

I love those shoes!! So cute!!! You should put the pic of Vanessa & I that she photoshopped into your planner too..lol..pic's on her page. =P
Glad you added me, I just added you. =)

Nanzy said...

w00t w00t Gucci Rush :)

d i r a said...

maybe u should be thankful to live 40-mins-away from the big city, I found it hard to resist temptation to shop.... since I live in Stuttgart :D

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