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Sunday, July 20, 2008

germany, i'm coming

in less than 2 months i'll be heading to germany to continue my study

less than 2 freaking months!
it's funny how i'm feeling rite now coz i'm used to beppu

excited? anxious?

meh! like it matters!

2 lovess:

CITRA cups* said...

it does matters yeh!
semangat dooong..
pursuing ur new life :)

*what mind believes, the body can achieve*

dini kawai said...

eh bagus template barunya..

wow jadi ke jerman!!! asoy geboy dong, mantap!!!! tapi lu olang kesini dulu kan?? jangan lupa payung transparan ya, gw ga sabar mau nampang lagi. Wakakkakaka

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