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Monday, July 21, 2008

leave? stay?

1 week left in beppu. now i can't think properly. i can't use my brain as good as it used to be. well doesn't mean that my brain is THAT good tho LOL

anyway, doesn't really matter.

i went to beppu city hall today to cancel my health insurance since i'm leaving japan very very very soon *ga relaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa* and they made me pay 22.300 yen! i'm broke i'm broke i'm broke! yes, haven't paid for the whole year hahaha no wonder -_- but actually the person in charge was really nice because she gave me discount for the health insurance. couldn't imagine how much i had to pay if she DID NOT give me the discount. would be more than 50.000 yen i'm sure.

still have lots to tackle rite now and i don't feel like doing anything. too hot in beppu. i just wanna stay home and sleep. oh GOD pls let me stay here longer.

1. cancel health insurance - DONE
2. close bank accounts
3. oita house --> move out - DONE
4. mom's+bro's+dad's
5. send boxes to jakarta+germany

i can do it yeah!

suddenly, i feel like reminiscing my 5 years time in beppu. too many memories. good times, bad times. fall in love, fall out love. succeed, fail. friends, enemies. they're all like a never-ending movie playing on my mind right now. if only i could rewind them, i would, even the worst time. but the show must go on and so must i.

well. sayounara beppu. mata aeru hi made. kana?

gonna miss this place and all the ppl so much. especially YOU :)

2 lovess:

Dimpul said...

pasti sedih banget ya mbak, gw aja yg mesti ninggalin kosan n kampus masi suka berasa sesek (lebay mode; on), apalagi elo yang bakalan jarang kesana lagi. Hix... i can feel ur pain. But..life goes on, kekekkekee

DyahAlit said...

jarang ksini lagi din? buseeeet mgk malah ga akan ksini lagi :( oh tidaaaaaaak! iya life goes on and time does fly, yah?


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