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Sunday, July 27, 2008

.. getting closer ...

here are some updates,

1. cancel health insurance - DONE
2. close bank accounts
3. oita house --> report for moving out - DONE
4. mom's+bro's+dad's - PARTLY DONE
5. send boxes to jakarta+germany - DONE
6. the real move out

4 days before departure. i'm getting craziiiiieeeerrrrrrr! i don't wanna leave beppu. PERIOD!

2 lovess:

Dimpul said...

beliin payung gw : gak done, dasar penjual payung menyebalkan, huhuhuhu

DyahAlit said...

ahahahaha sabar ya din.. nanti akan saya cariin lagi.. doain aja dapet.. tp kyknya udah ga jaman deh.. secara payung basa basi kena angin dikit lgsg buyar..

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