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Saturday, March 4, 2006

/ where are you? /

sesungguhnya aku kangen kamu
dimana dirimu, aku ngga ngerti
dengarkanlah, kau tetap terindah
meski tak mungkin bersatu
kau slalu ada di langkahku

4 years ago, the last time we met, i got real excited. we walked side by side and that really meant something to me coz for one more time i could see your face after 2 years. i really missed you. 3 years ago i tried my best so i could meet you in the city you live in but that didn't work. a total disaster. i missed you more. year by year i try to find ways to get in touch with you just to simply say happy birthday and how are you but the result is still the same, zero. and now another year goes by, i still wanna say the same words, happy birthday to you couple days ago but where can i find you? seems like you've gone with the wind, forever. i miss you so, more than ever but i can't find you and it kills me inside so bad. it hurts me more than i know. all i wanna know is where you are now. where are you?

1 lovess:

Anonymous said...

duuueeeeh yang lagi kangen!!! *imagining 1000 people screaming right on your ear: "cieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh!!!"*

awas jatuh cinta!


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