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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

crazy as it is

two more days!

i'm getting nuts!


i can't sleep and eat properly.

and my heart goes bang bang boom!!

oh GOD please help me.


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nanzy said...

Stop countin down da days, u'r givin me the nerve too *hmpphhh*

u know what, i will hibernate til thursday coz i hate waiting.
it's so early. lets do this

a i b e B i H said...

hibernate?? hahahah yeah and add more pounds to my weight. and i don't even know since when i care bout my weight coz i didn't in beppu, ya know that well right?

so okay let's hibernate.

Yohanes said...

tips: jgn nyalain compie dr tgl 23 ampe tgl 27. Dijamin manjur!

a i b e B i H said...

yo, yg ada makin gila gw.. aduh gw udah sakit perut dr skrg.... ToT

nanzy said...

ai begoooo ai begoooo


hahahaha yoyo, setubu !

a i b e B i H said...

ih setubuh?? ih kamuuu.. centiiil.. ahahahahah
[jalan pelan2 ngehindar bibi jelek]

Yohanes said...

Bibi jeung dulur sarua edanna. Lieur urang euy ;p

a i b e B i H said...

halah. ngomong apa pula kau ini. uhuk.

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