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Sunday, March 26, 2006

love and affair

starting next semester . . .
i wanna take the library as my boyfriend.
we can have fun reading books.
or simply spend time together.
we'll be flawlessly perfect for each other.
it's fair enough.
and i wanna make my own room my affair.
we can have a good time w/out 'him' to know.
sounds bad? or weirdo? or pathetic?
say as you please.
uh yeah!
it's gonna be the most romantic semester ever.
can't hardly wait.
but sssttt . . . it's a secret.
*wink wink*

2 lovess:

Yohanes said...

koq ngenes amat yak ngebacanya ^^ ayo ayo ... smile smile ... n berpelukannnnn -_-'

a i b e B i H said...

ahahahahaha.. biar.. =P

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