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Thursday, March 2, 2006

. 25 .

1. The colour that you hate most? used to be pink
2. The colour that you like most? of course green undoubtedly
3. The person that you love most? them
4. The person that you hate most? who keeps lying
5. The drink that you like most? mineral water + caffe latte
6. The activity that you hate most? i dunno why but i always yawn when reading books LOL
7. The past time that you like most? spent new years together with my fams i really miss those
8. The thing that you like most? laptop with episode 19 on it
9. The food that you like most? nasu phew hard to say no to
10. The drink that you hate most? hot drink
11. The past time that you hate most? dont even want to remember
12. The song that you like most? too many to mention
13. The friend that you love most? whuah ada juni, minut, irma, inan, windy, arum, elbeb, mitata, icha, tephen, bunpo, erlyn, silvi, dessy, ichan, ilma, elok, baby, alisha, rey, dessy s, and the rest
14. The movie that you like most? the mighty ducks
15. The friend that you hate most? that person over there =P
16. The movie that you hate most? "cheap" horror movies
17. The friend that you like most to sharing? bibi-kuwh sayang
18. The food that you hate most? macha
19. The song style that you hate most? heavy metal [i cant enjoy it]
20. Type of girlfriend/boyfriend that you like most? type like my tall-handsome-smart-cold-east asian prince charming
21. Type of people that you hate most? did i just answer that? no? i did. person who keep lying
22. Country that you like most? indonesia
23. Friend that you like most to hanging out? in beppu: rokughettoz + jagaricoz, in jakarta: fresh friday
24. Country that you hate most? indonesia i hate you but i love you
25. Friend that you hate most to hanging out? jaim. just leave all you pride behind. LOL. [padahal saya sering jaim. masa????]

the person that i like is you
but what can i do?
you don't like me at all

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