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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

it's official now



oh dear GOD

Sunday, July 27, 2008

.. getting closer ...

here are some updates,

1. cancel health insurance - DONE
2. close bank accounts
3. oita house --> report for moving out - DONE
4. mom's+bro's+dad's - PARTLY DONE
5. send boxes to jakarta+germany - DONE
6. the real move out

4 days before departure. i'm getting craziiiiieeeerrrrrrr! i don't wanna leave beppu. PERIOD!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

cont. haul

here are all the things i got from cherryculture

i really like the 'tea rose' round lipstick and apparently the blush is too obviously dark for me, so it's kinda too bright dark -_-" anyway.....

today i went back home to my dorm and tried to clean all my stuffs before i leave japan for good. man! one tip from me: DO NOT SHOP TOO MUCH if you are NOT a permanent resident of a country. it will end up just like moi. no fun at all -sigh-

no space for studying hohoho

even no space for walking inside my own room -_-

and to sleep!

damn you boxes!

oh dear GOD, help me please.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

haul cherryculture!

yee-haa! finally my cherryculture has arrived! i was afraid that it would arrive after i get back to indonesia. now i'm relieved! 

still had several pictures to be uploaded when my camera ran out of battery -_-'' oh well. save it for later :)

me sooooooooooo HAPPY to the JOY !

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

no air

but how do you expect me
to live alone with just me
cause my world's revolves by you
it's so hard for me to breathe

tell me how i'm supposed to breath with no air
can't live, can't breath with no air
it's how i feel whenever you ain't there
it's no air, no air

tell me! seriously. tell me.

Monday, July 21, 2008

leave? stay?

1 week left in beppu. now i can't think properly. i can't use my brain as good as it used to be. well doesn't mean that my brain is THAT good tho LOL

anyway, doesn't really matter.

i went to beppu city hall today to cancel my health insurance since i'm leaving japan very very very soon *ga relaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa* and they made me pay 22.300 yen! i'm broke i'm broke i'm broke! yes, haven't paid for the whole year hahaha no wonder -_- but actually the person in charge was really nice because she gave me discount for the health insurance. couldn't imagine how much i had to pay if she DID NOT give me the discount. would be more than 50.000 yen i'm sure.

still have lots to tackle rite now and i don't feel like doing anything. too hot in beppu. i just wanna stay home and sleep. oh GOD pls let me stay here longer.

1. cancel health insurance - DONE
2. close bank accounts
3. oita house --> move out - DONE
4. mom's+bro's+dad's
5. send boxes to jakarta+germany

i can do it yeah!

suddenly, i feel like reminiscing my 5 years time in beppu. too many memories. good times, bad times. fall in love, fall out love. succeed, fail. friends, enemies. they're all like a never-ending movie playing on my mind right now. if only i could rewind them, i would, even the worst time. but the show must go on and so must i.

well. sayounara beppu. mata aeru hi made. kana?

gonna miss this place and all the ppl so much. especially YOU :)

Sunday, July 20, 2008

have you felt as much pain as i did?

have you cried as much as i did?
have you thought about me like this?
how could you, how could you go on without me?
didn't you say you couldn't live without me?

this love must have been very easy for you

*taken from the english subs of girlfriend by M*

germany, i'm coming

in less than 2 months i'll be heading to germany to continue my study

less than 2 freaking months!
it's funny how i'm feeling rite now coz i'm used to beppu

excited? anxious?

meh! like it matters!

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