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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Bonjour Paris pt.2

Day 2 in Paris we planned to go to Notre-Dame de Paris and of course, Eiffel Tower! You're not in Paris if you don't go to Eiffel Tower, rite? Ho Ho Ho! So we took a subway to the nearest station to Notre-Dame de Paris and when we got off the station, we saw this building, I forgot what this building is but I remember that it's pretty important *d'Oh! stupid me!*

Then we walked around to find the Notre-Dame de Paris. It should be near but we didn't find any clue to the Notre-Dame. Well as far as I remember when I first came to Paris with my parents, it was near the river so we went to the river and still, no clue of the Notre-Dame -______-" But of course we had to take pics since the view was sooo nice.

But not the weather tho. It was raining all day. You can see from the wet roads and neither one of us brought an umbrella. Great! And still, there was no clue. We were wet and lost LOL And pretty much hungry hahahaa. I wasn't too fond of the weather but the view was really great! It's typical European style and I love it! But yeah, the weather just ruined my entire mood :(

We kept walking around still hoping that we would find the famous Notre-Dame and we came across this building. Again, I didn't know what it was but it was on Avenue Victoria. Then I saw a policeman, I thought it would be much better to ask him since we had no idea where we were. Then it turned out we weren't so far away from the place. YAY! He said we had to walk for about 1 minute, turn left then there we could see the Cathedral. And we did what he told us. But it was like more than 3 minutes and still couldn't find it. LOL I guess we had to practice more of finding some place -_______-"

After walking for about 5 minutes or so, finally there it was! THE NOTRE-DAME de PARIS! It was sooo beautiful and classic! And I couldn't resist of taking pics in front of the Cathedral. So I took several photos and got in line to go into the Notre-Dame. There were so many ppl but I still could breath inside so I think it was good! Notre-Dame is big and beautiful, I love it. There is the Joan of Arc statue inside. So we walked around inside the Cathedral and went to the giftshop.

The astonishing Cathedral with the christmas tree in front of it. Wish I could take a nice pic of it tho :(

Next stop is BASTILLE. The only history subject that I was interested in was France Revolution with the story of Versailles and the prison of Bastille. And I was being real retarded and stupid since I was looking for the remains of Bastille Prison d'Oh! We got off of the Bastille subway station and walked around to see signs of the Prison. No clue.

We just saw this monument and nothing else. Then we saw 2 women walking and I just asked them which directions to take to go to the Prison Bastille. And this was their answer: "There is no Prison anymore. It was demolished." Okay, I felt stupid LOL Apparently there is no remains of the Bastille. Well they have tho but they moved it in another place and we didn't feel like of searching for it since we were excited for the Eiffel Tower! So, off we went!

Eiffel Tower!!! Too bad i was already too dark when we got there so I couldn't take nice pictures :( *lame excuses of not be able to take good pics LOL* And it was too crowded! Ugh! It always gets me a headache when there is too many ppl around me >_<

It was beautifully standing under the dark sky. Oh my! I should go here again someday with my husband *drooling all over* LOL

Sorry the pic kinda blur. So hard taking pics with so many ppl and it was already dark and yeah, the camera is not that oh-wow-SLR and my friend is not a photographer. But I was happy enough to take pic under the Tower tho. 2 of my friends were getting in line to get up inside the Tower but since I am afraid of height I'd rather do something else. And I ran out of money anyway, so yeah queuing for the elevator was not a good choice for me.

While 2 of my friends were lining for the elevator, my other friend and I walked around and decided to get on the boats near the Tower. And I took a last pic of Eiffel Tower at night. It's pretty, rite? I really should go here again someday. Just wish me luck! :D

So that's the second day of my trips in Paris. I'm gonna post a day in Versailles next, so for now CIAO.


9 lovess:

Nanzy said...

cool pics :D tapi jidat ye i...

Fakhrur said...

ok, the building on the first picture was Palais de Justice

seems like you went to the correct metro station, but you went off the island and got lost LOL

nice post, glad that your trip turned out great :)

melur said...

ai dan fakhrur tuh saling kenal ya? *bingung*

Dimpul said...

I forgot what this building is but I remember that it's pretty important

dohhhh..it is so....elo bgtt....


Ai said...

Nanzy: HAHAHA iyee biii abis poni gw udah gonjreng.. ntr deh gw potong poni.. hihihi

Fakhrur: oh iyaaa bener2.. Palais de Justice! waahh hebat2 bisa nemuuuu.. :D

Meyuy: kenal doong yuuuuy.. hahaha jangan binguuung..

Dimpul: HEH! sial kaw diiin hahahaa

d i r a said...

I'm waiting for posting from Versailles, hehehe..

and X'mas and New Year destination will be? :D

Wind said...

Everything looks so gorgeous! I hope to be there one day myself!

Tuotierugif >^..^<© said...

Awsome that you got to go to paris! You took great pics! Im jealous! lol

melur said...

updatessss pleaseeeeee!
miss you i... :D

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