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Saturday, June 7, 2008

me likey lovey NOT

recently i've become a BIG consumerist!

note them:
1. a black macbook (this one's with my own saving)
2. pimping silver tokyo flash (with monthly allowance and i LURVE it!)
3. make ups
4. perfume
5. green bag (hey, i'm miss green-green)
6. another make up
7. clothes soo soo many (to think that i'll be moving out soon, it drives me crazy)
8. again, make up

GOSH! HELP! begini nih anak environment, malah belanja ga keruan.

btw, one of my prof showed us a short movie "story of stuff". have to admit, it's really nice tho. but when i remember of how crazy i've become buying those stuffs (meeeeen! it's a guilty pleasure)

damn! should stop shopping! NOW!

this is the link if you wanna watch the movie


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