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Sunday, April 20, 2008

back in beppu

yes, been a week since i went back to beppu
nothing has changed
still beppu the cold spring little town
and now i'm dying to go back to jakarta

men! belom ada seminggu tugas udah bertumpuk2
tmen2 kelas yg makin MT dan nyebelin
and think that they're all that!
big sh*t
excuse my language, tapi gw bener2 ga ngerti sm mrk
and i really don't know whether i could survive this thing or not

kmrn gw ditelp nyokap dan nyokap nanya gmana kelas dsb
and i just told the truth
mgk gw bisa tahan kl anak2nya asik
but this
i don't know anymore
and i don't give a damn
terserah mrk mo ngapain

i just live my own life, without them
tanpa mrk hidup gw udah ga terlalu menyenangkan di beppu setelah angkatan gw pada cabut

THNX GUYS for the best class ever -_-
i won't forget you i swear
and i'll be glad not seeing you anymore

-end of whining-

3 lovess:

Hardini Utami said...

mbak ai..is it nice in beppu that u wont goin to Jerman? c mon..u must go to jerman so u can give me ballack autograph. Thats what sister stand for rite?

btw, liat blog gw dong..aku mengkustomisasi besar2an lo, wakakkakak

aibebih said...

kamu kurangajar ya. jadi cuman segitu kesisteran qta? hahaha bahasa gw aneh bener yaa..

Dedo Nariswari said...

it's my bday when u wrote this blog.. ^^

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