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Saturday, January 28, 2006

. . . once upon a time . . .

in a small town called beppu. never heard of it? neither did i. until i decided to spend my next 4 years in a international campus in the middle of nowhere. why nowhere? because it is in the top of the mountain. i mean for real. literally. i was shocked. and maybe my friends felt the same like i did. exactly the same. no life. hell boring. yeah i know the feeling. i was like a little brat who lost her way in a whole new world. but then... i met them, the ones who i call friends who soon became my bestfriends. with them i can laugh. i can cry. i can be myself. oasis in the desert. that's what i call them. i admit i need them to be my friends. in good times. in bad times. all the times. and then again... i realize...

my time here slowly passed away. in 2 year-time (amin) i will graduate. and sadly, i will separate with them. i know sooner or later that is gonna happen but i didn't realize it's gonna end so soon. our time together. gosh, how much i will miss you guys a lot. i know it's not like we're gonna be gone forever but still... we've been spending our times together almost 24/7 and that meant a lot. to me. sooner i will have to face a new world (again) by myself. starting from zero again. meet new people. well there is "hello" and there is "goodbye". that's life mi amigos. agree? this post i dedicate to all my friends, especially my bestbudds whom i know my whole life. you guys are the best. really really love you all! mwah! hehehehehehehe. mata aimasyou ne! (ok. it's for my friends outside japan. hehehehehe.)

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