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Saturday, January 28, 2006

[ kimatsu shiken ]

counting down. next week we're having final exam or in japanese, kimatsu shiken [desyou? hehehe] i can see the faces. faces of fear and worried and stressed. coz maybe i have it too in my own face. today i had 3 classes. management accounting. japanese. seminar accounting. [gosh, i've had enough of accounting] the most interesting class was japanese. nazenara, coz we had JLPT. japanese language proficiency test. it's like TOEFL for english. and why it was interesting? BECAUSE without looking properly to the questions, i could answer them all. okay it's not joking i couldn't do it. hehehehe well guess lots of my friends couldn't do it either. except the ones who are taking japanese base and STILL taking japanese courses. i know. lots of reasons as well. i heard from inan that one of her classmates is taking this japanese class for improving his kanji. d'OH! hehehehehe yeah well. we're different i know. some of them are half japanese. and some of them have been learning japanese for years. no wonder, huh?? but korekara i MUST ganbarou as well! YOSH!

and today in seminar class we talked about live door. and the professor told us about his "astonishing" experience with the japan police. he's so damn funny. okay maybe he looks scary. i had that first impression also. but since i take his seminar class, i know that he's okay. even he's the best accounting teacher in my university. [from the fact that we only have 2 accounting teachers and the other one is..... i dunno how to say it. so let's just shut up for now hehehe] it's not just my subjective point of view. ask my friends. most of them [maybe all of them] think the same, too. i think the other prof and us, the students, should learn accounting together with my seminar class' prof. well okay enough story about classes, especially accounting.

oh about japanese class, i'm SO afraid of failing the class. oh GOD. really. i'm the stupidest in my class. [crying] i'm not lying coz i'm sure of that. no matter how hard i study, i just don't fit in. and now i just can ganbarou in my interview and final exam. [FYI, the final exam will be a lecture in japanese and later we have to answer questions] do you realize how many "answer" and "questions" words i already used just now? what's up with them anyway? ah well. it's time to take a bath and then sleep, oh i mean study. study HARD! wish me luck. and wish you good luck. mwah!!!

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Yohanes said...

Whoaa, blogspot nya dipake juga toh akhirnya ;p Selamat bergabung di dunia blog yg tidak berguna ini ... bwahahahahha

a i b e B i H said...

ini gw bikin baru gtu deh...

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