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Saturday, January 28, 2006

| extraordinary |

how does it feel to be extraordinary? nice, eh? that's what i think. that's what i think when i watch X-Men, Fantastic Four, and recently The League of the Extraordinary Gentlemen. having superpower might be cool, i guess but yeah well i'm not quite sure about that coz i'm just a normal girl who spends her life normally. hehehehe. it's already 14:20 and i'm still here. throwing my life away. killing time. wasting time. you name it.

oh btw, recently i play the game online www.themafiaboss.com god it's totally cool. you're playing the boss of the mafia gang n trying to be the best. you've got whores, bodyguards, thugs, card dealers, and so on. spending your money on alcohol, weed, coke, guns, cars [S Limo for God's sake] and the most interesting part is your own jet and planes! hahahaha what a life! you also can attact other mafiosos and steal their stuffs. but then. i got frozen. they said i was cheating of having 2 accounts. LOL. i only have 1 ya know. the heck. then i lost my "appetite" in playing that game. hope it'll end soon coz i had so much fun back then.very well my friends. i gotta go now. kinda feeling hungry. so long. mwah~~

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