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Saturday, August 30, 2008

happy fasting!

tomorrow is the beginning of fasting month for Moslems, or what we call Ramadhan. and usually before Ramadhan, we go to our family's cemetery to send prayers for them. so today my family and i went to my grandma's cemetery since hers is the nearest and when i prayed for her suddenly it hit me. the memories of my grandma. she used to live with my family and of course i spent most of my childhood time with her. she passed away 12 years ago when i was still in elementary school. i remember i cried so much becoz she was still with me before i went to bed a couple of hours before she left us for good. so looking at her graveyard made me miss her so bad i wanted to cry. i wish i could hug her just for one more time. one time only is all i ask. :(

i hope she's doing okay there. i know she is :) she was such a lovely person. oh grandma, i miss you so much.

btw, yesterday i went to Senayan City, 1 of the biggest mall in Jakarta, and was attempted to buy the body s
hop since they offered 10% discount if i buy 2 of the eyes' products. and there i went. i bought the liquid eyeliner and brow&liner kit.

full mirrors as you can see my reflection of taking photos hehehe

this is how it looks inside. pretty nice :D

look how tiny the eyeliner compared to my gigantic hand

oh, i heard today's news and it's really scary. a 3-year-old boy fell off from his apartment in 25th floor and stuck in 5th floor balcony O_O the news said that he was playing with his cousin when suddenly he opened the windows and fell off. it's a sad thing why nobody was there to take care of them. scary indeed.i hope no accident like that will happen again. at least in the near future. amin.

Friday, August 29, 2008


i really should stop whining.

this instance. right now.




again, i'm not allowed to go out today even just to see my friends. seriously, just lock me in a cage and give me food&drink every once in a while. that way, i won't be going anywhere.


i hope. period.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


i'm a girl who's never allowed to go out after 3. i know i know, i'm already 23 y.o but i feel like cinderella, only worse without the midnight time and my own prince charming -sigh- that's why i loooooove japan. coz i got full freedom LOL anyway, i asked permission today for staying out late coz i wanted to see my campus mates performing japan traditional culture in a campus near my house *woo-hoooo fre-e-dooooom!* but then again, suddenly my mom called at 7 o clock. and i didn't watch the performance coz it started at 6.45 and i had to go back home ASAP.

ah there goes my freedom

i watched wall-e today and i gotta say. it's totally Cute with capital C. oh no it's simply CUTE! i love how they made less-talking movie so understandable. i laughed at ever single thing that wall-e did. and i wanna squeeze so bad! unfortunately, i missed the first 30 minutes coz i came late :( the point is I'M IN LOVE WITH WALL-E <3>

and here's what i did today for my make-up

what i used:

FACE: Lorac Concealer

CHEEK: Joppa Raspberry Ice

EYES: Bare Necessity
         Classy Minerals Bright Eyed
         The SheSpace Pushing Daisies
         NYX Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencil Horse Raddish
         Kate Super Sharp Liner in Black
         Lancome Mascara Hypnose

LIPS: Urban Decay Blow Lip Plumper
        NYX Round Lipstick Tea Rose

btw, Nanzy asked me to take pic of my doodlebug body mousse. uuuhhh i love the color. it's green. and i'm addicted to green. tee-hee!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

lure beauty is a total beauty

it's been a week i suppose since my package from Lure Beauty arrived and i'm sooooo loving them sooo mucho mucho! the smell and the little tiny package :D and i've been using the kulu bay body scrub like there's no tomorrow! ha!

The scents that I got:
- Luxurious Body Sugar Scrub in Kulu Bay (no pic, its in my bathroom :D)

- Body Mousse in Doodlebug (the smell is soooo cute i feel like licking my hands O_O)
- Shea Butter Light Cream in Europhia by Calvin Klein Type (expensive smell woo-hoo!)
- Shea Butter Light Cream in Jelly Belly Pink Lemonade (i heard that it's one of the most famous fragrances in LB and no wonder why coz it's my favorite, too! it's sooo
o...... ice cream)
- Exotic Butters Body Cream in Light Blue Type (i just read again the descriptions and it has musk, purrfect!)
- Exotic Butters Body Cream in Kama Sutra Aphrodisiac (haven't tried it yet but the smell is pretty fresh)
- Exotic Butters Body Cream in Rootbeer (can't say no more, it's sooooo..rootbeer LOL and i'm loving the smell so much!)

- Exotic Butters Body Cream in Summer Hill Type (at first i didn't like the smell that much but when applied to my skin, ohmygod, just love it! and its shimmery! great for party i guess)
- Exotic Butters Body Cream in Lick Me All Over (haven't tried it, too but i know i'm sooo gonna love it so much. sweeeeet!)
- Exotic Butters Body Cream in Bobbi Brown Beach (it's not really my type so i just gave it to my friend and her mom loves it so much, so i ordered again for me and my friend and she ordered 2 Bobbi Brown Beach)

and i got freebies as well:
- Exotic Butters Body Cream in Noel Type
- Exotic Butters Body Cream in Yuzu
- Exotic Butters Body Cream in Calalily Hawaiian
- Exotic Butters Body Cream in Black Raspberry and Vanilla Type
- Day Cover by Skin Biology

but i was so shocked that Lure Beauty is thinking about stopping their international shipping :( i understand that some ppl couldnt wait so long for their packages to arrive (yeap, we're talking about LURE BEAUTY, ppl! who could resist?) but they don't have to use nasty words, eh? oohh i'm so praying right now that they won't stop it coz im in love with their products :( but anyway, thnx so much, Jen! now i'm waiting for the 2nd package patiently ;)

Friday, August 15, 2008

why so serious?

i watched THE DARK KNIGHT again for the second time. and i couldn't take my eyes off of joker... and JIM GORDON lol and every
time i saw joker, he gave me goosebumps somehow, maybe because of the fact that he died because of 'joker'. i dunno.. it's kinda scary..

i watched it with my good friend from high school since it's been months we haven't seen each other. so yeah, catch up the good moments but i forgot to take pictures! how smart -_-" and i also met with my high school friend because she asked me to bring her eyedrop from Japan. again, catch up good moments from high school. but however, i didn't forget to took MY pic! ha!

okay, seriously. i need to cut my bangs, or what the Japanese call mae gami.. one month left until i fly to Germany.. phew i can't think properly. haven't prepared anything yet.. time does fly fast, eh? i wish time would stop just for a moment. a moment for me enough to make everything right, just like the way it was -sigh- oh dear GOD..

i'm sorry. i really am sorry. i have NO idea it would turn out like this :( goodnessme

Thursday, August 14, 2008

if only

i could turn back time

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


i miss beppu. big time. i know it's only been two weeks or so.. but still, knowing the fact that i won't be coming back to beppu leave me a heartache. i know i sound pathetic or corny or something. it just hits me suddenly -sigh- maybe i'll get over it soon. i hope. somehow.

anywho, i'm trying to post swatches for my NYX round lipstick that i just bought a couple days ago. so which one suits me better, eh?

well, i, personally, like the frappucino better. it's just too natural tee-hee!

i was planning to go somewhere with my friends today, but i'm sick rite now and i can't drive coz of the dizziness that attacks me, but somehow sitting in front of my laptop doing nothing but slacking off and eye-ing for more make-ups and skin&body care is not doing good for me either. results?

i ordered 11 trial size items from Lure Beauty -_-" how nice. and i ordered sifter jars from ebay. even nicer. anyone knows where to buy cheap sifter jars with cheap shipping cost as well? i lived in japan, now i've my holiday in indonesia and later i'll go to germany for a year then maybe coming back to indonesia for good, the shipping cost has never been cheap for me, unless suddenly someone asks me to live in USA. gaaaah! i wish. i just wish. bla bla bla

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


i'm in my deepest shit -sigh-

oh well. once in a while ppl do have their shittest moment, rite?

anywho, despite my shittest moment, i've got another shittest thing rite now. NYX is now open in JAKARTA. uh oh NOT A GOOD sign for me -another sigh-. yesterday, i went to the NYX store in EX with my bestfriend, mita. and i went crazy over there. i couldn't stop staring at those lippies and trio eyeshadow *slurp!* not to mention the round lipstick sold there are the ones that i don't own! my my, the store was made only for me LOL like i told my beauty guru, nanzy.

well mita reminded me to buy things that suit for me. the nude ones. muahahaha she doesn't know that i have non-nude make-ups. ah well. i ended up buying these things.

i got:
trio eyeshadow in dandy
round lipstick in frappucino and gem
eye pencil in baby blue

me lovey lovey <3>
my first MAC fix+ but because of my stupidity, i broke the tube. now it can't be closed properly. AND because of my another curiosity, or in other words STUPIDITY, it became like this

i haven't even used it and i dropped it until it was HALF EMPTY. S-T-U-P-I-D! i wasted my money for HALF fix+ -_-"

what is WRONG with meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh?

Saturday, August 2, 2008

byebye beppu

1. cancel health insurance - DONE
2. close bank accounts - DONE
3. oita house --> report for moving out - DONE
4. mom's+bro's+dad's - DONE
5. send boxes to jakarta+germany - DONE
6. the real move out - DONE

..the final..

went back to indonesia - TOTALLY DONE

i'm in jakarta right now. slacking off in my room. got nothing to do *ehem masih banyak report sih hahaha*

how do i feel?

nothing. i'm too sad to be able to feel anything now. seriously. i'm too sad. i've got lotsa pics to be uploaded here but not now kekekeke.

random update, i want iphone. so bad. oh well.

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